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    Something about the Author: Daniel Mitzimberg

    I started writing when I was in High School. Inspired by my favorite teacher, Ken Chrysler. He encouraged us to write no matter what it was. So I wrote, I never completed a darn thing, but I wrote.

    I had ideas, I had thoughts, I had notebooks full of partial dreams. Many years later, I mean many, I looked at that notebook. What was I thinking? I see why I never completed a thing, however many of those ideas have spawned the one act plays and many of my other writings.

    This year I took a playwriting class at EOU. Again encouraged by my new teacher I took one of those ideas and made it into a one act play. Long trip on a short bus. Her words and comments made me think about those other ideas and some new ones. April Curtis was just the catalyst I needed to put those ideas on paper some 30 years later.

    I also write music. I hate my lyrics and many times have help with them but I do enjoy writing the music and performing that music. I will eventually publish my music on the internet.

    If you find any of my plays enjoyable and wish to use them please contact me as I would love to see them published and performed.

    You can contact me several ways. The best is in email. I also write under the name Leo Daniels.

    Thank You for reading.
    Daniel Mitzimberg

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